‘burling street’ is born

I did it. I’ve jumped on the blog bandwagon. I have contemplated creating my own for some time now, always admiring the words of other bloggers out there. So here you are, ladies and gents. I give you, ‘burling street’. And without further ado, here’s the 411 on the moniker:

Burling Street holds near and dear. It is where I called home for two years of my life, post-graduation. Burling is nestled on a quiet, tree lined street in one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods, Lincoln Park. When I think of Burling St. I think of my single girl days; My roommates and I collectively getting ready for a night on the town and my favorite pub, Burwood Tap, located at the end of the block. I think of new friendships that quickly blossomed into a tight niche and in our last few months together, I think of the wooden front porch where my now boyfriend would kiss me goodnight after dates.

On a warm Indian summer afternoon, after two years of living in the charming, red brick apartment, I packed up my Ikea furnishings and loaded the U-Haul to move on to the next chapter in my life; in a neighborhood just north of Diversey, called Lakeview.



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